Lauren & Keith / NC Arboretum Wedding / Asheville

Above photo by Matt Rose

Photo on right by Matt Rose

Lauren and Keith. All smiles, all the time. Ok, but let's back up to a trip to Target I took one day.

As a homeowner, dog owner, and toddler wrangler I'm at Target a lot. Anyway, one day I wandered in and heard someone calling my name out. My first thought was that I clearly shop here too often but it turned out to be Lauren's sister, whose wedding I photographed at a time that feels somehow like a lifetime, and also mere days ago. Anyway, she told me Lauren and Keith were living in NYC but were having their wedding in Asheville...and...well, you see where this is going. Needless to say I was beyond happy when I heard from Lauren a couple days later. 

Now back to these smiling people. You can't help but feel happy around them and I loved working with all of them...again. I say again since in addition to bringing Keith back, Lauren also brought back the same awesomely fun band (Love, Peace & Happiness) that played her sister's wedding. Wait, I'm skipping ahead. First we should probably talk about the weather. It was simply crazy and after leaving Lauren's parents house I snapped the photo of Keith on his phone after sprinting into a building at the NC Arboretum in a full Amazon downpour. I remember he just laughed and I couldn't help but overhear him chatting with Lauren about plan B, C, D, or whatever they were on by that point. Both of them were unflappable and after a few attempts at taking the wedding outside they went with plan H and just stayed inside. Did you notice how stressed out they look? Oh, no wait, they had a great time! It really turned out to be a beautiful day and was followed by some SERIOUS singing and dancing. I couldn't be happier for them. 

Big thanks to my friend and photographer Matt Rose, Liz and her team from The Purple Iris, Lauren's bridesmaid Allison from Studio R who designed the programs and signage, and the wedding staff at the NC Arboretum. Everyone just rolled right along when the weather turned ugly. I love working with people who understand how to just "make it work."

Thank you so much Lauren and Keith, I hope 2012 is treating you well so far!