i hate to say i told you so (well, hate is such a strong word...)

apparently i'm a bit behind on the news but not too late to say i told you so. the short film i blogged about way back in january (on the old blog) won the best video award in the 2010 vimeo awards. if you want to watch the video i recommend you pay special attention to what i wrote the last time i posted it. "ok….this is heavy stuff. i’m going to repeat…heavy. it’s hard to watch. also, for my language sensitive readers ALERT! THERE IS A SWEAR! the bottom line is that if you’re a pet lover you are definitely going to have a hard time with this." 

in fact, i had a hard time watching this again and have decided not to repost the video after all. click here if you'd like to see it. 

either way, go pet your dog for a few minutes.