my dad (oh, and a new blog)


so here's the new blog. i had planned on writing an extensive (read: boring) post about why i was switching the blog over but let's just get to it! so here's my dad, standing with me in a freezing stream in Yosemite, constantly amused by my numerous and peculiar cameras. i may have even posted this picture before at some point but for some reason i remember this moment so clearly and since it's father's day it just seemed perfect. happy father's day dad, i hope you are schooling some college kids on the soccer field right now.

note: there will be a lot of tweaking and fiddling in the next couple weeks before this is really looking like i want it to so please hold off on design critiques for awhile... or don't, i guess i'd like the input... i just might already be working on it i guess is what i'm saying. in the meantime feel free to check out the old blog.