since i no longer spend quite as much time worrying about how watertight the plastic cases are that hold my binders of negatives i can now spend my time worrying that i have enough layers of digital image backup. at this point my backup system is almost like a puzzle since there are so many drives and computers to keep track of but thanks to the fact that i have (somewhat oddly) enjoyed the challenge for years and the develpment of new technologies it really is quite the painless process.

anyway, the video below by Chase Jarvis and his team is a perfect explanation of a nearly flawless system. obviously the scale of it is quite huge but the tools and logic behind it can easily be implemented all the way down to the most simple workstations. 

note: if you really want to get into all the details check out his actual blog post here but at the very least watch the video.

UPDATE: ironically/sadly i just returned from vacation with a dead laptop hard drive that i had installed in my mom's macbook just two months ago. thankfully she had a somewhat recent backup but she'll still lose some irreplaceable data. i'm guessing it will be easier to convince her to take a minute to plug in her backup drive from now on.