the darling bee

UPDATE: Tara and Maura have closed The Darling Bee indefinitely. It was a fun ride while it lasted!

(Link deleted)

seriously, click over there first, look around, and come on back some time for a few little tidbits regarding the actual shoots. 


so you're back now. well, i'm not totally sure where to start but at some point at the end of last year Tara and Maura told me about The Darling Bee and asked if i'd be interested in working on the photography. i didn't hesitate for second, knowing full well how fun it is to hang out with these two, and jumped in. i remember immediately thinking to myself what a good business idea they had come up with as well and am certain that they're not going to know what hit them when this catches on!

after doing (what seemed like enough) planning, and skipping past the mostly fruitless location scouting, we started shooting. unfortunately this was in the dead of winter. the models for our first shoot, Andrew and Lauren, were unbelievable troopers despite literally turning a blue-ish purple within a few minutes of shooting at each setup. i've already told Tara that i know it's going to kill me when other photographers start using these products for shoots and start cranking out better pictures but i doubt any of them will do a bridal shoot in 25 degree weather in 7 minutes (yes, i checked.)

anyway, shooting with an emphasis on the products was kind of a backwards concept for me but Andrew and Lauren made it work. 


until Andrew lost all feeling in his hands.... (Lauren seems amused by this).


too bad we still had some chess to play!


and some croquet. (i don't think they needed us yelling things like, "more snootiness!" considering they probably were borderline disgusted with us at that point!)


we even managed to work in Rosie the dog for the croquet setup after she suddenly appeared out of nowhere. i frantically reset all the tilt/shift knobs and manually focused the "not hyper dog friendly" lens with my frozen fingers and actually managed to get her in focus before she darted off. since i'm already overlapping more images than i had intended to you can see that one on their styling page.

which actually transitions us nicely to Rosie's owner, Miss Elle. Elle's shoot was significantly warmer since we shot it at her mom's floral studio, The Bloom Room. there was also significantly more candy and ice cream.


between Stacey, Tara, and Maura and their collective styling wizardry i would be working on setting some shot up and turn around and this would be ready. and, as was always the case, it just worked.


well, i guess maybe i need to wrap this up. i've already written way more than i ever have on this "photo" blog. i have just really enjoyed pushing outside of my typical shooting and editing style, and want to encourage all of my photographer friends, brides, and event planners to buzz on over (....oh dear it's late...) to The Darling Bee and check it out. thanks to all of you who helped out along the way and thanks to Tara and Maura for bringing me on board. it's been too fun and as Maura would say; "i can hardly stand it."