The Brady Family / asheville / session

waaaaaay back in the good old days of 2010 fellow asheville photographer Libby Brady and i started working on scheduling a session swap. the idea being that since our styles were so different it would be fun to see what each other would come up with. a few weeks ago we finally made it happen. i photographed her "kids" and she photographed my daughter. i incorporated shipping containers and she incorporated live bunnies. 

anyway, here's my side of the fun: 

this image happened at about the 7 minute mark of the shoot. no messing around with this crew!

this "crew" is: Sage, Sutton, Sawyer, and Sullivan.

yep, i just did that.

yep, they just did that.

i'm looking into bottling this energy and selling it to you in gas stations for those monday afternoons when your boss tells you that you need to pick up the third shift. while sitting in your cubicle. at the waste management plant.

well, that's it for me. i do want to just say that if you have a newborn or a little kiddo and are still reading this without having booked a session with should book a session is all. i'm not good with threats. and a big huge thanks to Sage, Sutton, Sawyer, and Sullivan! you were such a blast to work with and i appreciated your endless enthusiasm and willingness to try anything to make fun images.

and sorry to those of you sitting at your cubicles at the waste management plants. it's probably actually really great.