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i can't tell you how excited i am to actually post about my "new" office. first, the way in which this all came together is pretty amazing (i'll get to that) and second, i've been trying to think of the most visually interesting way to decorate and photograph it and i finally figured it out. here's how: i gave up completely and forced myself to shoot and edit (except for the logo) all of the photographs with my phone. it's amazing what an effective photographic tool a phone has become if you have the patience. 

now back to the story, which i'll keep short since i'm assuming my blog readers probably have similarly short attention spans. it all started sometime around october of 2011 after i had driven around with my daughter for a few hours one day looking at some potential office and/or studio options and had come up with pretty much nothing. i actually felt ok about that since i had never really felt the need to have one before but just as i was having dinner, tara (weddings with tara) called and said, "hey, are you interested in getting an office? libby found a really great place..." note: for those of you that don't know this is libby. (oh, and this is how we "met.")

fast forward to january and i can truly say that as i started dragging in some chairs to my office i couldn't believe it had worked out. even my daughter (secretary?) has a corner to play in! i share a beautiful building with my friends tara, libby, and two of my past clients. since i'm not sure they necessarily want their business info posted i'll just explain it like this: i photographed their wedding, tara was their coordinator, and libby's husband performed the ceremony. yeah, sometimes asheville does feel much smaller than it is.

2012 feels great. thanks so much to all of you who encouraged and pushed me along, i'm eternally grateful.

p.s. new larger blog images!