Emily + Michael / Stationery + Bridal Portrait / Biltmore Estate

I've already written and rewritten the first sentence to this blog post 5 times and actually that exactly describes how I feel about Emily and Michael's wedding. It was such a massive production in terms of time and creative energy from all involved that I'm hesitant that I will somehow not convey that well enough.

I've decided to break this up into two or three posts however so perhaps that will help somehow.

This is part one. For Emily and Michael it was hardly the start (they knew each other in high school) but after the usual flurry of emails back and forth this is where it started for me. Beautiful stationery, an incredible weekend program created by Emily herself, and a bridal portrait session at the Biltmore Estate that quickly turned into one of my favorites...especially when the rain started.  

Much more to come.