Perfect Light At This Fall Wedding In Asheville

I posted this photo to my Instagram and I couldn't help but think it might be just as relevant to my blog since it describes my overall thought process as a wedding photographer. Sometimes It's easy to get caught up in the hunt for the best bride and groom portraits, especially at the beautiful wedding venues here in Asheville, but I always try to remember that this is not my day, it's yours.

So here's the story behind this wedding portrait at C + L's recent Biltmore wedding. We were walking to the cocktail hour and stopped by this little spot for a few photos. Right after I snapped this the bride asked very softly "can we be done?" I burst out laughing and told them "we can do anything you want!" I always try to balance my efforts as a photographer with the time constraints of the wedding day. Taking a few photos on the way to the reception location seemed like a good compromise and C + L were on board. But as they talked quietly with each other over in those trees I think they were reminded of how much they wanted to enjoy their time with family and friends. That was what their wedding day vision was for them all along. It wasn't a dramatic photo shoot, it wasn't Pinterest trinkets, it wasn't a wild dance party. It was the people. ⠀