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Spring Wedding At The Ridge and The Venue

Ever since I was invited to a vendor preview of The Ridge I knew it was going to be a beautiful venue to photograph weddings at. I have been lucky enough to work there a few times since it was opened and had a great time with Katy and Zac on their wedding day. I came across their wedding while moving some files around during the off season and thought it was too lovely not to share.

As I’ve mentioned before the weather in Asheville is extremely unpredictable and I clearly remember Katy and Zac working with the team at The Ridge to finalize their rain plan (hence the tent.) In the end it cleared up and was an incredibly beautiful day.

I loved how personal and intimate their wedding day was. From Katy getting ready with the help of her mom to her dad seeing her for the first time, it was already sweet. Watching the two of them read their notes to each other, their friends and family supporting them during the ceremony, and all the tender dances at the reception, it all reminded me yet again how much I value the people that this job brings into my life.

A big thank you to their vendors who always do such great work.