thirty six minutes at craggy pinnacle

since people apparently travel from all over the country to drive along the blue ridge parkway i sometimes make the 3.8 mile trip to drive on it as well. today my snoring navigator wee G and i journeyed to craggy pinnacle. upon arrival she woke up but quickly decided that she would not be hiking the somewhat steep trail. so i carried her in one arm with her snacks, drinks, baby entertainment widgets, and camera in the other. i noticed a distinct look of (amused) pity on every single person i passed. my attempts to not sound out of breath when saying hello clearly hadn't fooled anyone. once at the top the view was apparently less interesting than her pretzel. then she tripped on a rock, bumped her head, and our thirty six minutes were up. i'm getting sidetracked. my point is that we're quite lucky around here to be able to jump in the car for a few minutes and see this. and you really do see this! as tempting as it always is to click away any hint of reality in photoshop, i did nothing more than apply a single basic tonal adjustment so you could get an idea of what we get to see with even the most dull weather conditions.

om nom nom.